Why I switched to organic skin care products and never looked back

(This is an article from my lifestyle column at SunStar Davao)

They say that beauty only goes skin-deep, but with beauty products, that isn’t always the case. Whatever we put on our skin is actually absorbed by our body, which means that long term use of chemical-based products are actually harmful to our health.

Is good skin and hair really worth the adverse health effects? The answer is, of course, no.

But a better question would be, are there products that you can use to maintain your skin and hair without the harmful chemicals?

I used to be doubtful because some “organic” products sold in the market still have a lot of chemicals in the ingredients and are very expensive. Luckily, a colleague of mine introduced me to Human Heart Nature (HHN). I switched my usual products to HHN and my skin has not looked any better, I had less breakouts, and my hair is healthier. Since then, I’ve been hooked.

So, why should you make the switch?

It is said that our body absorbs 40 to 60 percent of the things that we put on our skin, depending on our skin’s absorption rate. With the help of a little research, I’ve rounded up the ingredients list in products that I’ve been avoiding ever since.

These are paraben, sulfate – sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) – formaldehyde, phthalates, propylene glycol, as well as fragrance and synthetic colors, among others.

I was surprised to find out that even products for feminine care and baby skin contain some of these harmful chemicals that with long term use, has been linked to health problems like cancer and skin diseases. Yikes!

Anyway, here are three things that you should know (and love) about HHN: First, it is a Filipino brand that sells organic products made of natural ingredients. Their products range from skin and hair care, cosmetics, oils and balms, home care, oral health care, and everything else down to skin care for babies.

Second, all their products are effective, safe, and affordable. Those with sensitive skin should definitely give it a try.

My personal favorites are the natural feminine wash in cooling chamomile (a must try), natural strengthening shampoo in soothing aloe (prevents hairfall), natural conditioner in lush vanilla, nourishing facial wash, natural body butter in vanilla peach (for dry skin), and the tinted lip balm in the shade flame tree (the  best). Their makeup is good quality too.

Third, HHN has an advocacy. It’s a brand that claims to be “Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment.” Their ingredients are sourced from local farmers and all their products are vegan and cruelty-free. They also don’t sell any whitening products to encourage Filipinas to love their natural skin colour.

I’m a Morena, you see, and I only learned to recognize my beauty when I learned to love my own skin, which has been a long journey. But that’s another story. Maybe I’ll share it with you guys soon.

Overall, it’s a relief to know that a single brand can provide us with all that we need to care for our body and even our home.

I could go on and on and rave about all their products that I’ve tried, but that would take too long, so you have to try and see for yourself. Good news is they also sell some of their products in travel size bottles that usually cost around 50 pesos only.

Not everything that I use on my body are organic, but switching most of my beauty and skin care products to organic was one of the best decisions I’ve made. This isn’t just a kikay moment, but I honestly know that not only am I investing in my beauty, I’m investing in my health as well, which ultimately is the bigger investment.

The Natural Strengthening Shampoo in Soothing Aloe is my hair saver. I used to have a severe case of hair fall, but not anymore.
Living in a farm means living with all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes. I don’t get any insect bites since I started using this 100% Natural Bug Shield. Just a little pump goes a long way.
As an office lady, staying in an air-conditioned room 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, has dried out my skin. This 100% Natural Body Butter is my skin saver. It smells really good too!
Choosing only the safest products for my skin has made me confident enough to leave the house with zero face makeup on. Just a swipe of my HHN tinted lip balm and lip tint is all I need.
Why I switched to organic skin care products and never looked back
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