Loving, Leaving, Letting Go in Spoken Poetry

I was a member (and eventually, an officer) of SALEM, a literary club in Ateneo de Davao University. Our club accomplished many firsts in Ateneo, including holding Loving, Leaving, & Letting Goa spoken poetry event. I have never tried spoken poetry until this event was organized, and I planned on converting some written poems to spoken poetry, but I opted to stick to the written format instead. You see, writing for the eyes is different from writing for the ear. This poem is a closing poem from my “Heartbreak Series.”

It’s called Letting Go.

I’m letting go of you
the way the moon stops chasing the sun
at the crack of dawn

I’m letting you go
like how the dew drops roll off the leaves
in the morning after the rain

I’m letting you
leave my thoughts
the way the shoreline pushes away the sea

Until I stop seeing you
in the moon, nor in the sun
in teardrops on leaves
in the swirl of the sea
or in the sky at midnight’s hour

and in the words of my poetry.

-On “Letting Go” from the Heartbreak Series
02-10-2016 at the Loving, Leaving & Letting Go Spoken Poetry Event by The Society of Ateneo Literature and English Majors – SALEM


Author: Andrea Isabelle

I'm Andrea. Aside from being a house slave, I'm a Davao-based writer who's interested in building her career in PR and advertising. Thanks for reading this boring bio :p

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